Letting Go

I have worked with The Sisters Empowering Sisters Conference for the last four years. This will be my fifth year working as a volunteer committee planning member. This non-profit organization allows teenage girls two days of being informed on topics that affect their lives now and will affect their lives in the future, such as academic management and entrepreneurship. I enjoy being a part of this organization because it gives inner city teenage girls a chance to let go. A chance to let go of everything that they might have been holding in. I have watched throughout the years many young ladies break down in tears and come together as one, forgiving each other for feuds that they did not know how they were started. This conference has given me a chance to share my own personal set backs with the young ladies; telling them my story of being a teenage mom and my difficulties in life. Allowing them to understand that even with difficulties they can still make it. The Sisters Empowering Sisters Conference is an excellent tool that empowers young ladies.

Nodesia Hernandez
SES Conference


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