To make a friend, BE a friend

Hey girls,

Welcome to our new blog & website!  We hope that you like everything.  This blog will be a place for you to come get information that interests you; everything from beauty to inspiration to advice and so on.  We hope you'll find it useful, powerful, and engaging. 

I wanted to give a quick word today about being sisterly.  As young women of color, we are known for competing with each other and/or not liking each other for one reason or another.  I want to ask that you take a little time out to really think on ways that you can all be more sisterly towards each other.  Now, does that mean every other girl in your class has to be your best friend?  Of course not.  But, it does mean being able to co-exist.  Being respectful.  Appreciating peoples differences, and not making fun or belittling someone else because you don't understand them.  How about TRYING to understand them?!  Try putting yourself in somebody else's shoes.  Trust me ladies, you gain more from being friends (or, at least civil) than being enemies.  You may have more in common than you think.  To this day, some of my best friends were people I wasn't too fond of in the beginning. :)

Remember:  To make a friend, BE a friend. :)

Chevonne Collins
Advisory Board Member


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