Shine on the World

Everyday a star is born, and every evening clouded in darkness, they still shine bright.

What a metaphor for recognizing your inner strength and resilience not only through brighter times and sunny days, but also throughout our toughest trials and tribulations.  It takes knowledge, wisdom, and experience to become a woman who recognizes and is comfortable being alone with her inner-being; is proud and all-knowing of her inner-being; but is also continuously daring her inner-being to evolve.

Ladies I pray that each year you attend this conference, something… whether it be a panel, a speaker, a laugh, a joke, or an experience… speaks to you and connects with your inner shine; daring it to be great, pushing it to take comfort in itself, and challenging it to grow until you, the shining star, are insistently so bright, throughout day and night… the world would be hard-pressed to not take notice. 

Keep shining, Ladies!

JaNeika James
Advisory Board Member


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