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It’s truly humbling that the organization has evolved to now ‘having a blog’. A blog! First and foremost I want to say that before this whole blog situation, no one could have told me that I would have a non-profit organization that started from a college class! Really? I remember Prof. Tschirhart telling us we had a choice to either do the final exam or a marketing plan for a non-profit, okay, so while most of the class with one exception my friend Joy Mutare (who subsequently started her non-profit the same time I did) did the final exam, the birth of both of our organizations took shape in that class.

It wasn’t just the class, it was the professor; Mary Tschirhart. Joy and I both had a professor who believed in what we wanted to accomplish, who supported us. To have teachers, role models and or anyone in your life who supports you is important; remember that. For me specifically, Prof. Tschirhart’s support didn’t stop with the class she saw the organization from its’ infancy to many conferences down the line. When we started almost six years ago, there was no website let alone a blog! There was Tiffany Rush, Katina Stapleton, Vanessa Asforis, LaRhonda Ealey, Jossette Otero and myself in a room with close to fifty young women and a vision to do “something” to help them. Syracuse was changing at the time, the violence was increasing and Syracuse was becoming a far cry from the school I attended as an undergrad and grad student. What was happening to the Cuse’? How was this affecting our young women and who cared?

As it turns out, there are so many people who cared and care. The countless number of volunteers and speakers who have given their time to this organization is a blessing. Here’s the message: do NOT listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t achieve something, that you can’t follow your dreams, you’re not good enough or who tries to put you in a box and or doesn’t recognize your talent. DO listen to those who encourage, support and empower you, those who guide you in your excellence, those who want you to succeed and take the time-their time to simply listen.

Six years later we continue to do our best to be there; just to simply show up and learn. As long as you continue to allow us to do so, we will be there.



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