Girls, do you ever have questions on where to go to find scholarships, ways to make & save money or how to start your own business? Well, you can find the answers to all of that and more right here! We’ve found a bunch of sites with lots of helpful advice, just for us girls. Read on!

Here are some ideas for giving back to your community. Remember girls: “Each one must reach one!”

Get serious about setting and reaching your goals. You can do anything!

Not sure if college is for you? Here are some alternatives…

Here are some sites with tips on how to save up for those jeans, ideas for making money, and advice on how to budget. Get smart with your money, girls!

Looking for scholarships? This site is a great resource with 100 scholarships. Check it out and apply for one or more!

Saturday, December 12, 2009 - 8:05pm

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