The Sisters Empowering Sisters (SES)® Annual Conference

Partners for Business and Education Inc. 2008 Program of the Year Award

Beginning in 2005, the Sisters Empowering Sisters (SES) Annual Conference is a two-day event created and hosted by the Image Initiative for young women of color. Held in March -- in celebration of Women's History Month -- SES is complete with keynote speakers, plus other locally and nationally renowned speakers and moderators.

It features lively panel discussions on the organization's core issues like self-esteem, relationship violence, STDs/HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention, and teen pregnancy prevention. The conference also provides workshops that focus on higher education and career choices.

For more information on how your school can become involved, contact Nicole Watkins.

For more information on the Annual SES conference, please contact Nicole Watkins.

To donate to the conference or to volunteer, please see our Donate and Volunteer pages.


Stay tuned for details on our
15th Anniversary Celebration of the  
Sisters Empowering Sisters 
Annual Conference 
in March 2019!

The Sisters Empowering Sisters Conference has changed my life; this program has given me a reason to look towards my future.
-- Sofia, 10th grade

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What Happens at the Annual Sisters Empowering Sisters Conference?

Young women come together to learn, grow and share experiences that last a lifetime. Learn more about our programs »

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