2005 Sisters Empowering Sisters Annual Conference

Michaela Angela Davis
Michaela Angela Davis, Keynote

The 1st Sisters Empowering Sisters Annual Conference was created by Nicole Watkins and took place on May 21, 2005 at Syracuse University with the assistance of Tiffany Rush, Jossette Burgos, Dr. Katina Stapleton, Vanessa Asforis and Dr. LaRhonda Ealey. The conference's first keynote speaker was Michaela Angela Davis.

Speakers and panelists included: Monica Brown, Arethea Brown, Maria Davis, Michelle Lopez, Dr. Paula Johnson, Yasmin Shiraz and Shanterra McBride. Highlights included a historical presentation by Dr. Sheila Aird.

Close to 50 young women were in attendance from the Syracuse City School District.

Selected Speakers

Yasmin Shiraz
Yasmin Shiraz
Shanterra McBride
Shanterra McBride

The Sisters Empowering Sisters Conference has changed my life; this program has given me a reason to look towards my future.
-- Sofia, 10th grade

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