2006 Sisters Empowering Sisters Annual Conference

Akua Goodrich
Akua Goodrich, Keynote

2006 marked the expansion of the Sisters Empowering Sisters Annual Conference from a one to two day event. It also marked the new signature timeframe for the conference: Women’s History Month. The 2nd Sisters Empowering Sisters Annual Conference took place March 24-25, 2006 and featured Akua Goodrich.

Panelists and workshop presenters included: Yasmin Shiraz, Shanterra McBride, Lisa Earle, Janice Hill, Tehmekah and N’seeka MacPherson, Khaya Myers, Luz Encarnacion, Nanette Dar Dar, Tonastacia Dennis, Melissa Griffin, Rosemary Perez, Maria Davis, Joy Mutare, Sylvia Romero, Evelyn Valentino, Doris Danchi, Kirstin Fuller, Kiwi McDowell, Talisha Searcy, Portia Flowers, LaRhonda Ealey, Officer Kwamena Morris, Jasmine Thompson, Melanie Cuevas-Rodriguez.

Close to 100 young women were in attendance from the Syracuse City School District.

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Selected Speakers

Maria Davis
Maria Davis
Evelyn Hernandez
Evelyn Hernandez

The Sisters Empowering Sisters Conference has changed my life; this program has given me a reason to look towards my future.
-- Sofia, 10th grade

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